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The pseudo history: The case Jesus Christ.

4-4-4 B.C born in: Bethlehem....... Israel. was one state of the Roman empire in the neighbourhood of Maria, Jozef and of the three kings already weeks stands one STAR day and night to the sky: Stood, in the ASTRE( CONSELATIE ) of animallbelt the sign of the FISCH. Name has been meant: Jesus Christ = God Helping. In it's periods had the earth.

Socolt; FATHER GODS like e.g. ALlexander the Great of Greece. When Jesus Christ 12 years old was, was he already more malignant than the cleverest oldest PROP—HET. With after age of jesus 13e years lost al kinds of information or lecture of him becomes one period has been suggested that he in the age of 13th till – 28th years of JESUS themselves was going to INDIA for the BOEDHA leathers to study…15 years also ???????

He visited in INDIA the boedha leather , of which is a note of the TIBBETANINGS BOOK of the ASTEZEN in which he the BOEDHA committed LEATHERS learned (could also as a result with MEDITATION be crucifixion to overcome )the are be a lot of examples of magiers which transpierce their skin with knifs, long pins etc.etc. with out bleedings . further of him are suggested the other version, which he – goas tho EGYPT how he also superb know ledge of certain magiers – prophets could enjoy in this version it are adopted of thad forgeten time of his history where thid hy com of . ANYWAY on is 28 years disipears hy in to the villachts of NAZARETH as e carpenter with JOZEF and making sings as whooden crosses etc..etc.. the popelation of NAZARETH in thad time was 300 people stud also onther the Romans stamps: its large sympathie for all people started as from the baptism by JOHN THE BAPTYST; seaching as healing ill people and others heal miraculous things by be on the screen.

Bay the human candnis of love and a glorius becam the apostelen to him , and goes with him every directions he want also came themselves MARIA MAGDALENA on theirs way. Of she are told that JESUS CRISTUS had very mental spirituel understanding with her hath where even some APOSTELS where very jealous on this gifds from MARIA--- MAGDALENA anyway with this 32e years of JESUS 1e preformens fisch catching with the apostel SIMON next his great happenings who are al nowing in the history books.However this crossedead after the road of pain JESUS was nailed onto that wooden cross. 'til he .Next you can read this in your historie books.Afther about 2 hours of hanging on this cross he got from the roman legioniar with the name ; LONGINES 1of the 5 legionairs on top of that mounten LONGINES the Roman legionair gave a spons with woather an it and by means of the spearhead of drenched gath JESUS Its last mouthful aftherwoods pushet the soldier is lans into the right side of JESUS' body as he died the people said it's not a god he blead woather and bload: now he talks his last words to the people above the cross O FATHER FORGIVE THEM THAN THEY DON'T KNOW ANY BETTER . But the experts beleved , the woather that the legionair gave to JESUS contained a kind of drugs. What by maria Magdalena was put in the woather JESUS became the drugs with drinking on the cross from that legionair.

The experts think that he was in a kind of hypnose trance from that drugs of a certain substance apparently dead that he could have learned that in one of any land INDIA—EGYPT however After woods takes the apostels with MARIA MAGDALENA the body of JESUS CRIST and bring this dead body in to before been already prepared above the grond tombe filled with air when the apostels are ready than roals the roman Legionairs one large stone into the hole of that tombe now he gets one of the legionairs guards before this round stone door ,standing their day and night in front of the tombe by JESUS ( one other hint) was when his dead body Was digged into the ground then.

Maybe JESUS didn't servive it ;with standing gards with him . Who watched looking in to it's what the experts think by this of his historikel crossdead from mirakels off JESUS CRIST is one of him belevings the roman guard and. MARIA MAGDALENA saw the in to the empty tombe short afther woods somewhere in the naberhoods of the tombe saw MARIA MAGDALENA the livingd JESUS hy set show my hands and feet nobody can see of my crusifixen go and tell it to the last of the apostels with this news and tell everbody in every other country or land this token from my living body go tell the words of god and than he left also MARIA MAGDALENA in the direction of the way. To EMAUS and aftherwards they saw 2 younsters who also hit that direction and they saw nothing in the hands and feet of JESUS CRIST and also tells JESUS tel the WORDS of the SON of GOD to everybody .This crucifixion occurred at the time of the (ROMAN EMPEROR TIBERIS.) is dead c.a 2-4-30 AD THESE PSEUDO HISTORY; Reviewed and confirmed by the documentary german serial;terra X under "the CASE JESUS".