The Dutch duke Jan I.

Life: Born around 1252 Jan I succeeded Henri IV as duke of Brabant in 1267. Jan was a self-made man with a passion for jousts, sword fighting and women. Besides this he was a maecenas for poets and intended on keeping his duchy strong an independent from French and German influences. In 1270 he married for the first time with the daughter of the king of France, Louis IX. After her death he married in 1273 Margaretha of Dampierre, daughter of the count of Flanders. One year later he married his sister to Philips III, king of France. Jan I most known exploit was to win the Battle of Woeringen where he defeated the armies of Reinald of Gelre, Henri of Luxembourg and the archbisschop of Cologne. As a result Jan I incorporated the northern duchy of Limburg to Brabant and gained greater independence from the Holy Roman Empire of which Brabant was its most western part.