Little lunulae (moon shapes)

A couple of 17th century bronze horse items and talismans ( lunalae ) designed for in the leather belt of a horse and for his outfit. The lunalae with one hole on the back are newer of age. The fuller and bigger ones are older namely Roman-time some times you detect it with an hanging star underneath the lunala or a bronze phallus hanging at the bottom.


Luna is a Roman Goddess of the moon. Together with Diana and Hekate, she formed a triad with Luna as the Goddess in Heaven, Diana as the Goddess on Earth, and Hekate as the Goddess in the Underworld. She is often depicted as a pale woman riding in a silver chariot, and was thus also a patroness of charioteers. Her temple on the Aventine Hill in Rome was destroyed by the Great Fire of Rome in the year 64 C.E.


Salus is the Roman Goddess of health and welfare. Similar to the Greek Goddess HIGENIA, she was responsible for the health of both individuals and the Roman state. One of her titles, Salus Publica Populi Romani (Goddess of the public welfare of the Roman people), illustrates this all-encompassing role. She is often depicting holding or feeding a snake, a common symbol of healing.