The picture below belongs to the aluminium belt buckle it belonged to A German soldier of the R.A.D. Meaning Reich - arbeid - dienst ( reich -labour - service )in this period of the second war dated 1939/45 in Europe This regiment of soldiers worked always 's with the shuffles’ engineering troops.

At the end of the four-week training period, we were inspected by the camp commander and then released to begin our work detail. On our first work day following our training period, we marched forty minutes to a strip coal mine with "parade spades" on our shoulders. We fell out and stacked our parade spades, like rifles, in four-spade pyramids. I worried about my spade, because I kept it perfectly clean. I hated putting it in the stack with the others from my squad for fear someone would grab mine and leave his rusted one for me to clean. We were then issued working spades.

After the Nuremberg rally we returned...to finish our nearly completed tour of duty with Labor Service....on September 24, 1936, we had a discharge ceremony, ...we gave back our uniforms, put on our old civilian clothes, received our final pay, and were released to go home. Although we had been brought to Burglengenfeld by chartered bus, we were trusted to return on the train by ourselves.

Three weeks later...I boarded the train that would take me from Leipzig to Jena, some forty miles away, to begin my new life as a soldier in the artillery.

Let op de gelijkenis met een militair uniform, met inbegrip van de tuniek haak op de man op links. Een patroon van de tuniek gedragen door RAD mannen was identiek aan die van het Leger Feldbluse, met uitzondering van de met een bruin dan donkergroene kraag. Military styled RAD belt buckle, complete with leather tab Militaire ingerichte RAD gordel gesp, compleet met lederen tabblad

The more military manifestations of RAD life were the field exercises such as hikes (not to mention military style equipment such as rucksacks, messtins and shelterquarters).... De meer militaire uitingen van RAD leven waren het gebied oefeningen zoals wandelingen (om niet te spreken van militaire stijl apparatuur zoals rugzakken, messtins en shelterquarters )....