Engelse uitleg over het leven van Napoleon Englisch version Napoleon Bonaparte

Englisch version Napoleon Bonaparte

Born 15-8-1769 in AJACCIO—CORSICA—EUROPE. He was fourth in the family of twelve children his mother MARIA—LETZIA brought into the world, but only eight survived; JOZEPH the oldest, NAPOLEON, LUCIEN, JEROME, LOUIS, CAROLINE, ELISA, and PAULINE.

Napoleons' father KARLO (CHARLES) Bonaparte was a lawyer by profession; both parents came descended of the royalty nobility. To be able to support and feed this large family. The father connected to the French labour party. And became some pleases, free ground and land to build a house for himselves of the gouverner (MARBEUF) of the island CORSICA there he trained and leat grow his children in the mainds of the great PASCAL—PAOLI, fighter of the independenty and for one free CORSICA.

When Napoleon was born this it island for one year long in the hands of Italy after became it as the owners going in o the Fench property that Bonaparts the have their orgin in TOSCANA—ITALY the first tracks of the Bonaparts we find in 1616 under the people from the COUNCIL OF THE OLDEST Of ( AJACCIO) it's called in Italy. Where, such in to 17e—18e century the family belong to; thanks to the overgreat parents their attitude became NAPOLEON nobil. After the age of 9 year the father brought him to VERSAILES in FRANCE--- EUROPE.

And he went into the first school of the colleges D -AUTIN. After that he visits the school of royal militaryan of BRIENE-LE-CHATEAU where he learned the studies FROM the MEN NOITEN of that school appeared already fast that he enjoy his talents of war games playings from that Time he was also talented in mathematicks (maths) by the ambulatory with the French, he took also the advantages of them. Napoleon was a moderate student he liked the books of history, geografie, politieks those things intrested him. From may 1769 till okt. 1784 he stayed in BRIENE, in 1784 he stayed in ECOLS---- MILITAIRIAN—COLLEGES. At his its examination in 19 may 1785 over the artillery be got the name Of an officer cadet now he was taken too that school and existed he still on an other examination in 1785 became napoleon the name of seconde luitenant (first lutenant) into the RGT—“LA—FRERE” ( THE—FREEDOM) and again 0ne Examination came and thanks to his maths he past. He got now the title with the Age of 16 years and 15 day”s of an officer of the military land artillery of the GRANDE—ARMY in France furthermore after this period he got one large admiration for the frense gay and patriot PAOLIE. He was open for all renwals of new idea's. Which You can read in his book DISSERTATION—SURL—AUTOSITE—ROAYLER 1788.

None one king who it not deserved for detroned to be came ; by the revolution and by their Skills and briljant looks of napoleon and his service to misters ROBESPIERRE—BARRAS Became he now the title of first brigate general of the frence GRANDE—ARMEE and Nex he going in march 1786 to as a COMMANDEUR from that’s GR-ARMY in france He is now and the top from is carriers: NAPOLEON croned him selfs in 1804 the naberhoods Of The poap in to EMPERER –of-FRANCE after this superb time he started in1803 in to tho beginnings of conguer EUROPE.In meny batlle”s against theirs Nations for napoleons on Goods he wanted one UNITED-- EUROPE for that corce he fights against all cinds of army”s and triumphed (besiegd) them afther woods from disaster and de feet now banish Him te great powers of EUROPE for the first time to exyld them to go on a small island And ordet stay dear till he died ; on that island of ELBA be came napoleon the grips of the Grande armee and he makes the beginning for a new waor and goas with this ARMY of NAPOLEON—BONAPARTE tho BELGIUM in Europe for to fighd for the last time this Others army”s of greet nations for exempel britten,germanie, ostria etc,etc,buth he lost this Batlle; and for the last time in june 1815 he got banned to one other island of ST HELENA. And there he remained in his dreams of napoleons' last adventure from one UNITED—EUROPE. On this island he died on the 5th may 1821 and killed by the hands of an officer who gave him little by little sampthing of arcenicum put into the drinks and in the food, but before he died one good friend and an bodyguard on the same way; The dokters report said he died of cancer on the stumik. The officer had gambeling gilds. One great nation gave this officer the money to payoff his gilds; Now he was dead known as the great persone with this name:

............................…………… NAPOLEON – BONAPARTE ............................……………