This fish relic was a jewel that supported the neck of
the first Christian about circa 28 A.D. in Israel.

And the other medallion of Jesus Christ became for many people. In the heaviest periods of their lives influence........... The fish symbol of Jesus Christ stays for the first believers of the Holy laws at Christian humanity, this believing stud and came after the year 361 A.D. It was before the Roman time forbidden. But later as Constantine the ii of Constantinople (Istanbul Turkey) ;in that same year was babtiest by one holy pope in also circa 361 A.D. and by the hands of the streets of it Vatican in Rome Italy with this first ceremony of men kindness became the ruler of the eastern have of the roman world of Constantinople a Christian believer, and this all got started in the year 28 A.D. of the world: the counting like we have today of centuries is coming true Jesus Christ with this a.b.ces, before Christ. Or A.D. (okidokio?) .... In the time of circa 19 A.D. Or..now it was this fish symbol item in the world the first Christian relics medallion you can ware it on both sides one looks it as a fish when you turned it on your neck than it became a view of a turtle and with the last one you have no fears of the other Roman believers from difficult gods and cults otherwise you got yourself been thrown before all kinds of wild animals in the ballgame arenas at that time in the Roman provinces elsewhere in the world. It was a very dangerous time for the unlucky ones.