ring fibula

Grote ring fibula Romeins

Tijd: 2e eeuw A.D.
Doorsnede: 55 mm.
Materiaal: brons.

This family includes penannular fibulae, ring fibulae and omega fibulae.
Penannular Fibulae
Coiled Image: Pennanular fibula with Extension, the pin missing, 63,5x56,5mm, 30,96g. (Quadrans Collection.)

Omega Fibulae
Typology: Genceva 34

Dates: 500 BC - AD 400.
Especially prevalent 50 BC - AD 250 in Roman contexts and AD 200-400 in Germanic contexts.
Remained in use, especially in northern Europe until the 11th century AD.

Distribution: Britain, Rhine, Germany, Iberia during the Roman era. Northern and northwestern Europe afterwards.

Notes: The ends of this sub-group of penannular fibulae are turned out, away from each other, giving the fibula the overall appearance of the Greek letter omega.