romeins ringfragment

Voorwerp: Romeinse ringfragment.

Afmeting: 2 cm.
Periode: 0 tot 400 n.Chr.

The top of one bronze emailed ring.
Age: approximately 1st-3th century.
Material: bronze with emaille in it.
Size: 0.7 inch.

Achilles was a mythical hero of the Greeks, who performed his most famous exploits during the Trojan war. Myths featuring gods and heroes were among the favourite subjects that Greek potters put on their vases.

The scene on this Athenian vase depicts Achilles during the Trojan war. He sits on a folding chair, mourning the death of his best friend Patroclus, hiding his face in his tunic. At his left is another of his friends, Antilochus, the messenger of the bad news. At his right his mother, Thetis, brings him new weapons, so that he can resume the battle of Troy.

Griekse pot

Dating from: 480-470 B.C., material:
earthenware, height: 29,6 cm, origin: Vulci (Etruria)