On the end of the 4th century before the birth of Jesus Christ came In Macedonia (Greece) one king with a name called Alexander The great on the throne because his father Philip was killed in one Amphibian theatre and by Alexander’s friends; by this deed he got also his fathers professional great army. The all round Soldiers who fought many battles and had triumphs with this army. He started the great campaign in the east to concur all the land He wanted and take one by one the city's in for their own course

Also he named every captured city Alexandria .the enemy's underestimated this quality’s of the Macedonians and that all-round army of his. After this concurring of land and city's like Alexandria-(Cairo Egypt) also Alexandria-(Istanbul –turkey) he went with this Macedonian army To the east and take them as far as it goes and headed for India. on that way it was were he won the battle from the other great king Of Persia darias were he was out numbered in soldiers against The Persian army's. In 5 to 1, but his skills and good strategy overstep And overruled. He that Persian king now he felt is person like a god

And told to his Macedonian officers to merry the Persian girls; Alexander falls in love with the beautiful girl And daughter of Darius Roxanne and he married her in the greet temple Of Persia. From that moment on, he acted like a heavenly god and with this Marriage. He releafed the Persian soldier for free to join his Macedonian Army, by that point he created Jealousy with in the Macedonian army the soldiers were now 8 years from their home's and family's. in the next party's he gave to his officers Happens one incident to one good friend of him who told, you think and talk Like a god. Than Alexander became, also by his liquor (red -vino) ,one beast, and he kills by throwing one spearhead in the body of his Good friend and all the officers saw this murdering act.

Now he was his life not sure, for the moments to come, but he Was now very rich of welt and gold, also he had many great Victory's and by that alcoholdrug he feels like and one great God Alexander became now more and more one alcoholic; but He thinks off the first day's of glory and fighting in many battle's In the first line with this Macedonian warriors against The enemy it was all stress and nightmares his body was sight Up by knifes and many arrow heads every where he had scars also On the legs and arms okay…… Now he must stand with his feet on the ground and see the dead Of Alexander the great into the eyes what came next into his earths life in the middle of India he wanted to go further With his Macedonian army but the Macedonian soldiers and The officers of Alexander told them they wanted to go home And see their children and wives in their new land that's called Greece .by that murcy of the officers; Alexander went in to go home to his beloved country Greece but when the caravan of Macedonians came within the Persian borders, Alexander got

Sick and he was ill.

The family of that murdered friend of his. send one killer to Alexander. In the day's after this he got poisoned by Drinking wine and in the city of Alexandria (Babylon) he died In the arms of his Jung beloved and pregnant queen and wife Roxanne after 12 day's of pain and sorrow now it was also The time and moment for some officers to start rebelating for Alexander’s throne. A few months later died also Roxanne and Her baby Alexander junior. Many great warriors copied Alexander’s life like * Caesar * Napoleon *general Patton *and Bill Clinton*