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celtic bracelet

Voorwerp: Keltische onbewerkte armband materiaal van brons (kopie van glazen la tène armband afgeleid van zijn voorloper).
Afmeting: Diameter 8 cm.
Periode: 500-15 BC.

One Celtic Bracelet.
Diameter: 2.75 inch.
Material: Bronze.
Time: Approximately 100 B.C.-100 A.D. LAT»NE PERIOD.

One Piece Of Stone....

Oldest drawing in the Netherlands

Archaeologists sometimes seem to work too meticulously in an excavation: down on their knees in the mud, they carefully clean every stone they can find. But that is the only way to find the oldest drawing in the Netherlands. That happened in 1977 during the excavation of a prehistoric camp of hunters in Limburg.

Most of what came out of the camp was waste from flint-working and disused tools, which indicated that it was inhabited 12,000 years ago. A piece of flint measuring nine by five centimetres turned out to have something unusual: a triangle with hatching had been incised in it, primitive but unmistakably with a purpose. Specialists have not (yet) been able to ascertain what that purpose was nor exactly what the illustration is supposed to be. But we can be certain that this drawing from 12,000 years ago is the oldest in the Netherlands ever found .


Dating from: approx. 10.000 B.C.,
material: flint, dimensions: 9 x 5 cm,
found in St. OdiliŽnberg (Dutch province of Limburg).