dumbbell toggle

Romeinse Dumbbell

Een Nederlands - Romeinse periode koperen / messing 1e-3e eeuwse toggle.
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Lengte 20 mm x hoogte 15 mm.

One Copper-Alloy Roman Toggle from this period 1st-3rd century A.D.
Description: A cast copper-alloy 'dumbbell' toggle with an integral loop.
The body has a short waisted centre and globular terminals at each end. The loop is rectangular with an oval aperture.
The exact purpose of these objects is uncertain, but a form of clothing fastener, somewhat akin to a modern duffle-coat toggle, seems most likely. Please see into the blue weburl below for more information about the dummbell toggle.

Eine Niederlandische - Römische perioden bronse dumbbell toggle mit einen intregraal loupe.
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Periode 1e-3e jahrhundert nach Christi geburt oder AD.
Material: kupher - messing.
Lenge 20 mm x höhe 15 mm.