omega fibulae

Drie omega fibulae, waarvan de bovenste compleet met angel.

Deze is alleen iets verbogen. De andere zijn van een groter exemplaar.
Materiaal: Brons.
Periode ongeveer: 100 BC.

Pennanular types
Iron age onwards - so difficult to date

A very common type - used for over 1000 years. They consist of a broken hoop with a pin folded over the rim that can swivel around. Terminals are sometimes folded over or pinched in with simple designs, or are highly decorated, sometimes fashioned into animal heads. Terminals with elaborate zoomorphic designs began in the last 2nd century becoming most popular in the 4th century.

They were made by casting or from a bent rod. The pins were made separately and are either humped or concave.

A roman pin is shorter than the saxon version

(To fasten a penannular push the pin through the fabric to be held, then flip the ring down so that the pin comes up through the gap, and then rotate the ring so as to hold the cloth on the pin.)