kopie Romeinse ring

kopie Romeinse gouden ring

Kopie Romeinse ring, slangen met saffieren. Afmeting: Ringmaat 20 mm.
Periode: Laat.


...the world's most prized metal, gold has graced royalty and decorated the best athletes. Gold is workable due to its malleability, and beautiful due to its colour and lustre.

Pure 24K gold is considered to be too soft for jewellery, however the Chinese culture prefers gold in its pure form.

Karatage is the measure of the fineness of gold.

Pure gold is alloyed, or mixed with other metals for strength, wearability, and/or colour.

Fine Gold
North American
100% 24 krt. 999 China
91.6% 22 krt. 916 India
87.5% 21 krt. 875 Middle East
75.0% 18 krt. 750 Belgium
58.3% 14 krt. 585 Netherlands
41.6% 10 krt. 416 Canada, U.S.
37.5% 9 krt. 375 U.K.
33.3% 8 krt. 333 Germany
Kwality European
92.5% High 925 Europe
83.5% Low 835 Europe


The Colours of Gold:(How alloys affect colour)

Colour Elements
Yellow Gold Gold, Copper, Silver
White Gold Gold, Nickel, Zinc, Copper
Green Gold Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc
Pink Gold Gold, Copper

Reactions to Gold:

Some people may experience reactions to nickel or any of the other alloys in karat gold. This problem may be alleviated by choosing jewellery with a higher gold karatage (the greater the percentage of pure gold the less percentage of alloys used).

Care & Cleaning of Gold:
When storing gold jewellery for safekeeping, separate the items to prevent any chance of scratching.

To clean jewellery use a cleaning solution, or ultrasonic machine. Avoid soap and soapy water since it can create a film. Dry and polish with a soft cloth.