Front head of legionair,

Roman coin: Front head of legionair, reverse wolf with two children
Remulus and Romulus sucking the milk from the wolf.

The beginning of the Roman republic.

The legend of the she-wolf with two children Romulus and Remulus. The wolf who saves their lives from the death of the Tiber, a river in Italy , and the she-wolf giving the babies food like her own puppies and when they got the age of children these jungsters.
Were found by the royalty of Rome and trained to be their rulers of the foundation of the Roman republic. And so started the adams of human evolution of Europe.

The story tells : Romulus kills his brother Remulus after a fight, and became the first ruler of the Romans in the Year 753 B.C. In Rome he was a ruler of the oldest clan Of Alba Longa from the Latins and of the indo-Germans.
Also became Romulus the title of the saen from the god Mars and Rea Silvig, and also he was a descendant of the Trojan hero Aneas , now provided he is colonist the Sabinian women gets children and we are going all together and form and build one nation.

In 500 B.C. Rome became one republic, and went to concur many countries for the best of the Romans.