romeinse armband

Romeinse bronzen armband

Afmeting: 6 cm.
Periode: 0 tot 400 n.Chr.

One bronze Roman bracelet on the ends ingraved.
Material: Bronze
Diameter: 2.75 inch.
Age:1st-3rd Century A.D.

Bacchus wine god, cheers or proost in Dutch.
The ancient Greeks liked to drink wine. Dionysus (Bacchus for the Romans) was their god of the wine. He was not only worshipped as the god of the wine, but also associated with death and down-to-earth affairs, such as intoxication and ecstasy.

The head (picture above) belonged to a colossal statue of Dionysus. It has a fierce expression, hollow eyes, and a wide open mouth. The flying wealth of hair is kept together by a headband. Under the headband, you can see a few grapes. The statue has been made by sculptors of the Pergamenian school. The statues these artists sculpted were often big and muscled, and showed emotion.

Another statue from the museumís collection (picture below) depicts Dionysus as an idealised young man, although he is obviously drunk and needs the help of a satyr to raise his goblet.

romeins beeld

Dating: ca. 100 AD, material: marble, height: 81 cm, found near Izmir (Turkey).