The last of the Roman - legions names and places.

Legio I Minerva = ( to de vote Minerva ) set up by Domitianus he came in 83 AD. to Bonna - Germania and is there to the end of circa the 3rd centuries.

Legio II Adivtrix = (the helping hands) stood in 70/71 AD. Short time in Batavorum = area of Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

Legio V Alavda = (the leeuwerik = a bird ). A legion of Caesar that stood only out of Galileens = France. Roman legions exist from 43 AD. For concering Brittannie by Claudius ‘till 69/70 in fort Vetera = Vechten in the Netherlands. This legion was no longer there after the attack from the Bateavs in 69 AD.

Legio VI Victrix = (the overwinnings) about 70 AD. In Neder- Germania (before in Hspania (Spain) untill circa 105 AD. Novama--- Gium = Nijmegen in Holland from 118/119 AD. In fort Vetera than in 119 AD. In the Brittannie (ebvracvm) = York.

Legio VIII Hispania = (the Spanish ) about between 120/130 AD. Stayed in Batavorvm became later to fight in the middle east in Judea in Israel on the bar – kochba - raits battle and is defeated there.

Legio X Gemina = (the dubbel) about 71 AD. In Batavorvm circa 114 AD. Could for going to the Donau borders later in Vindobona = Vienna Austria.

Legio XV Primigenia ( de voted to the women Fortuna Primigenia) In 39 AD. Set up by Caligula for the congerings of Brittania fightings of 43 ‘till 69/70 AD. In Vetera the legions stops their holdings Under the hands of Vespian after the attacks from the Batavian people in their land Holland 69 AD.

Legio XVI Gallica = (the Galien) French boy’s about 43 AD. Noviomagus ( there for in Mogon - tiacvm = Mainz = Germania and came to holt in 70/71 AD. Also under the hands of Vespianus.

Legio XIIX = legio = XVIII + XIX staying in the year about 9.AD. In Vetera and also the legions of XXVII maybe are all that about the batle in Osnabruck in Germania (general Varus against the German Chief Arminius and the last one wins that battle Arminius’ soldiers killed a complete Roman army.

Legio XX Valeria Victrix ( the Valerian the overwinnings) about 16 AD. In the legio army please with the althar (schrijn) of the Ubiers after 43 AD. In Noviomagus Holland and afterwards went with Claudius in to the field battle against Britannia in the province (Deva Chester) for the fighting with their Anglo warriors of England.

Legio XXI Rapax = ( the destroying) about 70/71 AD. In lower-Germania before in Indossa - Zwitserland ‘till 83 AD. In Bonna and goes after the Donau battles of Dominatius 81/96 AD. Under.

Legio XXII Primigenia to devote of the women Fortuna Primigenia in the year 39 AD. And goes together with the legions by Caligula To Mogontiacum = Mainz Germania – Germany between 70/71 +92 AD. In the lower part of Germania and in Vetera = Vechte - Holland After t stay's in Mogontiacum.

Legio XXX Ulpia Victrix = (the ulpien = the glorian) set up by Marcus - Ulpius -Trajanus in about 98/117 AD. And staying sinds 118/119 AD. In veteran = vechte - holland and there was it till the end of 3rd century after Jesus Christ this period of them.

One document of the name and a few city's - pleases that also the Roman legionaries helped to build it.