Romeins scheermes met jachttafereel, bodemvondsten

Nederlandse uitleg van bodemvondst romeins scheermes met jachttafereel, Voorwerp: Romeins scheermes met jachttafereel

Waarvan het bovenlijf van de haas gestempeld is door de maker. Typerend is dat we voor een bepaalde Romeinse periode
konijnen c.q. hazen in de voorwerpen terug zien. Bijvoorbeeld in mesheften.
Afmeting: 7 x 2 cm.
Periode: 0 tot 400 n.Chr.

English explanation of soil find, One bronze Roman razorblade with a dog and one rabbit on it One bronze Roman razorblade with a dog and one rabbit on it.
At one point the Romans made plenty bronze stuff with animal figures on them,
for daily use .
Period: 1st-3rd century A.D.
Length: 70 mm.
It probably belonged to..........

Trajanus, emperor of the Roman Empire.

Trajanus was one of the most famous and successful Roman emperors. He reigned from 98 till 117 AD. Trajanus was a highly skilful strategist, and during his reign the Roman Empire expanded considerably.

trajanus The more than life-sized statue shows the emperor as a general. He wears a suit of abundantly decorated armour and a cloak. These decorations served a propagandist purpose. The griffins (winged lions with the head of an eagle) are symbols of power and force, and so are the head of the goddess Medusa and Jupiter’s thunderbolt. The ‘flaps’ under the suit of armour are decorated with figures from the mythological story of the establishment of Rome, such as the god of war, Mars, his sons Romulus and Remus and the she-wolf. Next to Trajanus is the trunk of a palm tree, the symbol of victory.

romeins zakmes

Deze is gevonden in Engeland en is completer (zakmes of scheermes) of...