romeins stuk beeldje

romeins stuk beeldje | Voorwerp: Stuk beeldje, (poot).

Afmeting: 3.5 cm.
Periode: 0 tot 400 n.Chr.

Engelse uitleg romeins stuk beeldje | Piece of leg, Roman statue.

Dating from: approx. 800 B.C., material: bronze (urn), wood, iron and gold (sword), height: 50 cm (urn), 46 cm (sword), found in Oss (Dutch province of Noord-Brabant) .

The ‘chieftain of Oss’, who died almost three thousand years ago, must have been a remarkable man, judging from the treasures and the exotic nature of the objects found in his grave. In 1933, when workers were clearing a stretch of heath land near Oss to make room for a caravan camp, they found the urn (or situla) of the 'king'.

The urn itself turned out to be an extraordinary specimen from the Alpine region. Apparently, the contacts with that region, which until then had been rare, intensified at that time. One of the objects found in the urn was a gold encrusted sword. It was bended double, so that it fitted in the urn. This treasure, the large number of additional gifts and the size of the grave, suggest that an important man was buried here in 800 B.C. Probably, the chieftain of Oss was a regional leader from the early iron age.