romeinse armband

Voorwerp: Romeinse armband/Inheems.

nederkandse uitleg romeinse armband bodemvondsten jozef herman Afmeting: 8.5 cm.
Periode:0 tot 400 n.Chr.

engelse uitleg romeinse armband bodemvondsten jozef herman A Roman bracelet.
Diameter: 2.75 inch.
Age between 1st-3rd century A.D.
Material: Bronze.

Roman sarcophagus from Simpelveld.

In 1930, three Roman sarcophagi were excavated in Simpelveld, a village in the Dutch province of Limburg. One of those coffins had a surprise in it: it contained gifts for the deceased, such as golden jewellery and silver, glass and earthenware objects, as well as remains of the cremated body. But what made the find unique, was the abundantly sculpted inside of the sarcophagus.

It shows the details of a room’s interior. The deceased, a woman, is lying on a bench. The walls of the sarcophagus are decorated with furniture. Between the last niche and the foot of the bench, is a drawing of a Roman villa. This may be the house in which the woman lived. In 1937, the remains of a Roman villa of a type resembling the villa of the picture at the sarcophagus, were actually found not far from the excavation site.

Romeinse sarcofaag, bodemvondst jozef herman

Dating from: 175-225 AD, material: sandstone, length: 205 cm,
origin: Simpelveld (Dutch province of Limburg).