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Auteur Topic: Jozef, ge bent un verdacht personage.  (gelezen 719 keer)


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Jozef, ge bent un verdacht personage.
« Gepost op: maart 07, 2012, 20:12:19 pm »

 ;)  ;D

This report was executed under supervision of the Dutch Cultural Heritage Inspectorate (The Hague, The Netherlands). The main purpose of this research is to get a clear insight into the types and scales of the trade in archaeological objects via Dutch websites. Unlike the ‘normal’ trade in art and archaeology, there is few or no control of the digital trade in archaeological objects.
This problem has also been recognized internationally. In 2007, The International Council of Museums (ICOM), UNESCO and INTERPOL have expressed their worries about the (licit and illicit) trade in archaeological objects on the Internet. These organizations managed to put the sale of cultural property on the Internet on the agenda. According to these organizations, certain investigations need to be handed out as it appears that the internet has become a grand part in the sale of cultural property. On a national level, the Cultural Heritage Inspectorate required to know more about the possible objects that might be traded online. They commissioned the execution of several studies. The most recent investigation to the Dutch online art trade was done in 2010. This report, ‘Cultural property on the Internet: a study into the online illegal trade’1, was a continuation of an elaborate study to the Dutch art sector (2007), in which one paragraph was dedicated to the online art trade. The investigators of this research had already marked the online trade as a growing problem. The report of 2010 discussed the problems and possible threats when dealing with the online selling and purchasing of archaeological objects. In this report, the four main Dutch advertising and auction websites were examined. Still, no other websites than belonging to this category were surveyed, so little is known about the online trade via other channels.
This particular investigation can be seen as an extension to the knowledge that already exists on the subject, and that was obtained via these previous investigations. This report will provide more insight and in-depth information into the trade of archaeological objects online, and will mainly focus on the private sector; as amateur archaeologists and metal detectorists and their private websites.
The yielded results have been divided into several categories, which present various kinds of websites that appear to offer archaeological objects and that may pose a possible threat. Based on all the information, a conclusion of the nature and size and the scale of threats have been established.

E-commerce and Archaeology
An Investigation into the Supply and Demand of Dutch Archaeological Objects on the Internet

This resulted in a list of 12 ‘suspicious’ websites (i.e. which form a possible threat to the cultural heritage), named below (in alphabetical order): /
From these 12 websites, 5 websites offered archaeological objects.

It appeared that 6 of the 18 searched forums did offer archaeological objects:

General data
Number of posts
Number of members
Total number of posts concerning sale
Total amount of archaeological objects for sale
This website is meant to present all types of archaeological objects. It is clear that the amateur archaeologists are also seeing each other ‘in real life’: every last Monday of the month, a meeting is arranged in Eindhoven.
To visit the forum, a login account is required. Therefore, the fake name and E-mail address were used. After logging in, it appeared that several archaeological objects were put on sale, clustered in groups of 30, 15, 4, 2 and 1. Because the objects were offered in eight threads, they are described as eight objects below.
The threads with the offered archaeological objects are part of a total of 72 objects that were put on sale on the forum. The offered objects are part of a total of 8,756 threads on the entire forum. The selling of archaeological objects forms therefore only: 0,09% of the total amount of threads.
A remarkable aspect from this forum was how often the people that respond to the offers refer to Marktplaats as a better place to offer objects. Another interesting thing is that almost all sellers want that people react via private messages. In many cases, an offered object has been marked as ‘sold’ without any reactions visible on the thread.


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Re: Jozef, ge bent un verdacht personage.
« Reactie #1 Gepost op: maart 07, 2012, 20:16:50 pm »
hahahaha ik had ook al iets geplaatst maar is niet erg.


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Re: Jozef, ge bent un verdacht personage.
« Reactie #2 Gepost op: maart 07, 2012, 21:58:46 pm »
Ja ik zie het  :-[ Zag het eerder niet aan de titel, sorry. Ik las het ook elders en heb het meteen 1e werk hier geplaatst.
Samenvoegen misschien?


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Re: Jozef, ge bent un verdacht personage.
« Reactie #3 Gepost op: maart 07, 2012, 22:06:58 pm »
Iedereen weet;

dat ik mn gevonden bodemvondsten regelmatig verkoop of verruil daar is niets mee ik ken er meerdere ; en van clandestiene trade daar heb ik geen weet van  daar houd ik me ook niet mee bezig in dit verkeerde circuit

en ja zie me zelf Metaaldetecting parallel lopen met de Wet zoals vele andere Detector hobbyisten.


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